November 8th “Sceneggiata Biers” by John Dingler and group show

Hello Friends,

I invite you to attend a reception at the Cause Art Gallery tomorrow

I will have approx eight Sceneggiata Biers on display. They are so cute, no? They are made of aluminum, acrylic sheet, skeletal personage, plastic gems, and some Sharpie pen drawing. Of the ten in this series, the Cause Art Gallery will have them on display beginning at 6PMtomorrow at which time the reception will commence.

The reception: 6PM tomorrow

Cause Art Gallery,

959 N. Hill St.

Chinatown Art District, Los Angeles, CA



Normal hours: Sat. 6-10 or by appointment.

I like them very much. All of the parts rest on top of, or lean against, one another, using no glue or any other adherant. When you lift them, all of the parts begin to slide away, separating, kind of like picking up spaghetti. In this sense, even though the solid aluminum bier which itself rests on top of a solid aluminum plinth, their character makes them as ephemeral and fragile as my life.


John Dingler, artist

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